Are you curious to find out what activities are planned under the ENGREEN 2 project ? 🤔 Then don't miss the presentation lecture by Dr. Erika Zuodar and dr. ssa Nina Štrekelj from Park Škocjanske jame, lead partners of the project 😃 they will tell us about the results achieved with ENGREEN 1 and the goals to be achieved with ENGREEN 2 ✌🏻NON MANCATE ⚠️ Sunday, December 17 at 10:00 a.m., Visitor Center of the Risandra-Dolina Glinščice Valley Nature Reserve, Bagnoli della Rosandra-Boljunec 507 🦇

The lecture will be held as part of the event "A Year of Biodiversity in the Rosandra Valley," the detailed program is available on the website and socials of the Rosandra Valley Nature Reserve - Naravni rezervat Doline Glinščice

Evento Val Rosandra