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Joint management and sustainable development of the classical Karst area
Start date
January 2023
End date
January 2026
4.375.000,00 €
ERDF Budget
3.500.000,00 €
The project
Project summary

Policy objective: PO4 - A more social and inclusive Europe implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights

Specific objective: SO 6 - Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation

Typologyproject of strategic importance


The project fits in the SO 4.6, dedicated to the “Preservation, maintenance and promotion of cultural heritage, implementation of sustainable and innovative practices in tourism, support to education and training to foster employability and social inclusion”. In this sense, the objective of the project is to give a boost to the tourism development of the area. It is necessary to emphasize the sustainable aspect of the entire destination and to promote the whole area. The project will apply new, digitalised technologies and work on soft mobility, to support tourism on the functional area of the Karst.


The main goal of the KRAS-CARSO II project is the establishment of the European Group for Territorial Cooperation - EGTC Kras-Carso for the management of cross-border tourism as well as the financing and management of the Kras-Carso Geopark. In doing so, the Lead Partner will work closely with all municipalities, even those that are not Associated Partners of the project, and carry out the necessary procedures at the municipal councils for the establishment of a joint management structure.


Within the project, innovation will be demonstrated by the creation of integrated tourist products, which will be based on the exceptional natural, especially geological and cultural heritage of the Clasiccal Karst. Research and scientific institutions that are project partners are leaders in their resepctive fields of activity and have top experts at their disposal, who will prepare professional studies and analyzes about which attractions can be used for tourism products and further development, and then sustainable products will be created with innovative methods of interpretation. Digitization techniques such as 3D digital modeling, virtual reality and interactive exhibitions will be used too. Also, the promotion of project activities will take place by using digital tools. One of the main common tourist products will be a common path that will connect the entire area in a circular path, which will be connected to at least five circular paths with a total length of at least 200 kilometers. The network of cross-border routes for cyclists and pedestrians will be uniformly marked and accessible to different target groups.

Along these routes, geosites and other natural and cultural attractions will be presented, which demonstrate the uniqueness of the Classical Karst from the point of view of gastronomy, geodiversity, architecture, water sources, the world-renowned skill of dry wall construction and UNESCO-recognized geosites. Young people will be involved in the project through an innovative tourist Hackathon. Special attention will be given to local growers from the Classical Karst area. With the aim of increasing the quality of the offer, a quality mark will be created with the necessary analyses, regulations and research, as well as its mandatory promotion. Local providers will be offered the possibility of training and the cooperating among them. Various stakeholders operating in the project area will participate in the organization of numerous cross-border events that will be held throughout the three years of the project implementation. Networking of training participants will be carried out by young people and their related educational institutions and vulnerable groups, such as people with special needs and the elderly population. For sustainable transport integration, an e-van will be purchased and a pilot case will be established to connect tourist spots in the Classical Karst area with public transport.


With a collaborative approach, both in the establishment of the management structure, the preparation of joint cross-border products, the organization of cross-border events and the establishment of sustainable forms of public transport, the historical obstacle represented by the border between the two countries will be reduced and life in the cross-border area of the Classical Karst will become an example good practices of sustainable integration in a united Europe.

  •          Action plan for the operation of the Kras-Carso EGTC
  •          Common brand of quality
  •          Pilot example of measures in the field of sustainable mobility
  •          Establishment of the Kras-Carso EGTC
  •          Participants in cross-border training courses
  •          Common organization of cross-border events in the Kras-Karst cross-border geopark area
  •          Common solutions for stakeholder cooperation in the functioning of the EGTC
  •          Creation of a common infrastructure and cross-border organization of events
  •          Common solutions to raise awareness of the environmental importance for the sustainable development of tourism
  •          A step towards a common solution to make the Kras-Carso cross-border geopark a UNESCO Global Geopark


ORA Območna razvojna agencija Krasa in Brkinov doo
Občina Sežana
Park Škocjanske jame, Slovenija
ZRC SAZU - Znanstvenoraziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti
Zavod Republike Slovenije za varstvo narave - ZRSVN-IRSNC NG
Univerza na Primorskem - Università del Litorale
Geološki zavod Slovenije
Regione autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
GAL Carso - LAS Kras
Università degli Studi di Trieste
Università degli Studi di Padova
Associated Partners
Občina Divača
Občina Hrpelje-Kozina
Občina Komen
Občina Miren-Kostanjevica
Univerza v Ljubljani – Naravoslovnotehniška fakulteta – Oddelek za geologijo
Slovenska turistična organizacija (javna agencija RS za trženje in promocijo turizma)
Ministrstvo za gospodarstvo, turizem in šport – Direktorat za turizem
Regione del Veneto - Direzione Difesa del Suolo e della Costa
Comune di San Dorligo della Valle - Občina Dolina
Comune di Doberdò del Lago - Občina Doberdob
Comune di Duino Aurisina – Občina Devin Nabrežina
Comune di Sagrado
Comune di Monfalcone
Comune di Sgonico - Občina Zgonik

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ORA Območna razvojna agencija Krasa in Brkinov doo

Partizanska cesta 4, 6210 Sežana
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